Recovery of Debt

Does somebody owe you money and is not paying back?

Do you feel that filing a case to recover your money is cumbersome?

Do you want to write-off your non-performing debts and receive cash instead?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to all the three questions, then this service by LawWagon is meant for you. LawWagon recognizes the importance of money in hand at present rather than waiting for the money at a future date.

Debt collection process has become a nightmare for many of us, be it an individual or a business. At LawWagon, we offer commercial collection services specializing in claims, small or large, and serve clients nationwide on a contingency basis. We ensure quick recovery of your money owed and we make sure it is not resting in someone else`s bank.

LawWagon offers the shortcut method to recover your money and enjoy a peaceful life. Once we’re on board, LawWagon would assertively, but lawfully, seek the recovery of your money.

Our Service(s):

  • Understanding of nature of debts, issue, and related documents
  • Preliminary investigation and discussion with opposite party
  • Preparation of possible proposals with your consent
  • Debt assignment
  • Helping you with next course of action You can check the status at any time on our website

Our Model

LawWagon offers transparent, flexible and cost-effective ‘Engagement Models’, which are as under:

Success Fee Model

Under this model, we work on "No Recovery - No Fee". In other words, we do not charge our fee until we recover the money for our client. However, a marginal handling charges cost is charged at the time of assignment of claim/account.

FTE Fee Model:

This is the pricing model whereby we deploy the equivalent number of dedicated full-time specialist as the client would have/had in its own location to suit its project needs as if they are their employee sitting in our office. FTE, in fact, provides the opportunity of having "Virtual Employee" with no employee liability. Under FTE model, dedicated full time domain experts with dedicated infrastructure are assigned to the client project under this supervision of senior experts and specialists. which ensure time and quality delivery. This model helps client to have access to top domain experts. Under FTE Model, the client is charged a fixed price per employee per month on the basis of number of people deployed. Charges depending on the skill set required, experience and expertise.

Project Based/Flat fee:

Under this model, we charge one lump sum fee for the case, at the beginning or end of the project outsourced.

Retainer-ship fee:

In this case, the client company pays a monthly or yearly fixed sum of money to us. This way, it can gain access to domain expertise when the need arises for consulation, advice and solutions.