Legal Made Simple

  • Powerful next-generation legal search engine based on AI
  • Live updates for your ongoing cases and instant appeal alerts
  • Customised portal to manage your end-to-end legal practice

Used by Eminent Lawyers and Law Firms

Legal Research

Intelligent Search

Our legal search engine understands the context of your search query (instead of a native search) and retrieve(s) similar judgments

Comprehensive Data Coverage

Complete coverage of Supreme Court, High Courts and various fora(s) along with Central and State Statutes

Case Analytics & Visualisation

Increase your efficiency by directly unlocking Facts, Issue(s), Reasoning, Argument(s) & Decision of a case without reading the entire judgement

Smart Summary

A distinctive approach to save time and access a brief summary of the relevant portions of the case with an easy-to-use interface

Live Alerts

Case Alerts

Get instant notifications for your hearing dates and daily orders for your cases

Auto-sync with Courts

Automatically fetch all your case details, just by one click

Customised Cause List

Generate a personalized cause list for your daily needs

Display Board

View live status of the Court rooms in session

Practice Management

Case Management

Manage all your cases in a centralized and secure storage in our cloud based platform for quick and easy access

Client Management

Send and receive encrypted messages from your client(s), communicate important reminders, and share documents instantly without worry of a security breach

Billing & Invoicing

Save time by keeping track of monthly billing(s) and share invoices the way you and your clients prefer

Tasks & Appointments

Manage and keep track of all your tasks and appointments efficiently

What Makes Us Different?

LawWagon is empowering legal professionals with easy-to-use technology, which saves time and increases efficiency by providing an analytical starting point for research and legal practice management, so you can work with speed and enhanced productivity

What our Clients say


Choose a plan that suits your work

Automatic new case suggestions
Automatic new case suggestions
  Personalised display board & causelist
Personalised display board & causelist
  Task management, Notes and calendar view
Task management, Notes and calendar view
  Case limit
Case limit 50 cases 500 cases 200 cases
  Offline access for your entire workspace
Offline access for your entire workspace
  24x7 email & call support
24x7 email & call support
  Apple/Google calendar integration
Apple/Google calendar integration
  Number of documents you can store
Number of documents you can store 0 upto 5,000 upto 50,000
  Number of free appeal alerts (Caveats)
Number of free appeal alerts (Caveats) 0 5 20
  Client management
Client management
  Dropbox and Google drive integration (coming soon)
Dropbox and Google drive integration (coming soon)

Did you know?
Everyday thousands of hearings get adjourned due to lack of proper references, slagging our judiciary.
Avoid this problem and find correct references with LawWagon's iSearch