Online Legal Advisory

Legal Advice

LawWagon on a day-to-daybasis provides legal advice (including but not limited to) Corporates, individuals and law firms, so as to analyse and elucidate the legal queries to the numerous issues that are at stake. Such kind of legal advice is generally provided to our clients in the form of an opinion and/or note – which can also be provided (if required) in a Court of law and various tribunals. However, it is important to note that LawWagon’s legal advice and opinion are, at all times, detailed and well documented (along with the requisite annexures) that are based on the said legal advice and/or opinion(s). Our legal advice is succinct, brief and as precise as possible so as to provide astute and cutting-edge legal advice/opinion.

Legal Advice for Start-up’s

LawWagon provides cutting edge legal advice and/or opinion to address start-up’s current requirements. Our services to start-up’s include but are not limited to legal, regulatory, accounting and day-to-day compliance(s). We also provide various services in sectors such as Infrastructure, PE (Private Equity), Insurance, Banking & Finance, Tax, Information & Technology, Capital Markets, Competition Law, Bankruptcy & Insolvency, etc.
At LawWagon, we also help start-ups to sift through the relevant contracts and tailor them as per their requirements to iron clad the contract(s). Our popular services for start-up’s include founder’s contract(s), employment contract, non-disclosure agreement (NDA), contract(s) with third parties (for instance, vendor-supplier contracts), terms & conditions, exit-strategy, data protection (privacy) policy, etc.  

Free Legal Advice

Get first free legal advice from competent lawyers at LawWagon and get up-to-date and relevant legal advice pertaining to your specific needs and/or requirements. Simultaneously,  we connect you with various lawyers and you can track the progress of your case(s) at a click of a button. LawWagon helps in providing legal advice to consumers at the get go itself to cement your (legal) relationships in the very beginning. Our legal professional’s assists the clients in an efficient manner to expand the overall opportunities currently provided by the region, providing timely, astute, credible and cost-effectivesolution(s).