LawWagon is a provider of legal information and technology to legal professionals. We provide an extensive library of the law with advanced re-search tools like iSEARCH that are driven by artificial intelligence. We are empowering legal professionals with easy-to-use technology, which saves time and increases efficiency by providing an analytical starting point for legal research and practice management (workflow automation), so you can work with speed and enhanced productivity.

FIRAC is our revolutionary legal research feature that provides key insight(s) on the case by accessing different and/or segregated sections of the judgment. This revolutionary feature enables the researcher(s) and/or legal professionals to view the key facts, issue(s), reasoning, arguments and conclusion of a judgment without reading the entire judgment with a single click.

Click on the Legal Research bar located at the top of to find a specific case, or cases related to a particular issue. There are two ways of searching on LawWagon: keyword search and iSEARCH:

Keyword Search

  • - Search by case title
  • - Search by citation
  • - Search by keyword or phrase


  • - Upload a legal document and enter a search term to focus on the context of your research and help you find on point authorities faster.

iSEARCH. is our unique artificial intelligence-based technology that delivers the most relevant cases, including many that researchers would otherwise miss. By uploading your brief and/or complaint to iSEARCH, your results are customized to focus in on the context of your specific re-search.

Yes. LawWagon has a sophisticated, externally-audited data security program. All documents processed through the iSEARCH AI-based technology and/or practice management portal are secure & encrypted in transit - meaning your documents are 100% safe.

You can create an account by clicking on the "Start Free Trial" button mentioned on the web-site.

You’ll be prompted to sign-up for a free trial, which will temporarily give you full access to all of our advanced features. If you choose to subscribe, you’ll have unlimited access to all our services. If not, you’ll not be able to utilize our services.

No; LawWagon is not a law firm, hence we cannot provide any legal advice or assistance to you. We are happy to answer any questions you have about how to use LawWagon’s research and/or practice management tools, but we can't answer any legal questions ourselves.

If you have questions about using LawWagon that weren't answered here, please contact us via email or by clicking the chat icon in the lower right corner of your screen.

Click on the Advanced Search tab and fill in the requisite citation number, including other details like Court, case number, party name, case title, etc. in the standard format.

To use iSEARCH;

  • - Click on the iSEARCH button and upload a legal document -- a complaint, legal brief, memo, or any other legal document with relevant factual or legal issues
  • - Add a search term (or terms) to focus your search

Within seconds, LawWagon’s iSEARCH AI-based technology will tailor your re-search and rank your results based on the specific legal and factual issues you care about.

Keyword-based search is a traditional method of doing re-search: entering terms and/or connectors into the search bar. LawWagon supports both natural language and boolean search queries.

On the other hand, iSEARCH analyzes the legal document you uploaded and uses the relevant language, citations, fact patterns, and/or other signals to find the most relevant results related to the issues in your legal document. You can change your keyword based query to focus iSEARCH on a new issue or narrow your search results further.

Segregation will be possible when you click on a case to view the detailed judgment. The navigation bar is visible at the top of the page, which can be used to access the segregation as mentioned in the FIRAC feature. This feature can only be accessed after registering yourself with LawWagon’s services.

LawWagon’s database includes primary resources that are procured directly from the source. The data is updated regularly with new courts and judgments that are being added on a daily basis.

LawWagon’s legal practice management tool helps optimize the routine and administrative tasks that take up a legal professional’s time during the workday.

Workflow automation for legal professional’s - We are offering a cloud-based SaaS solution with no upfront cost(s) and no installation. It is easy for lawyers to try out our service and try automation. It enables legal professional’s to seamlessly integrate technology into their work process(es) to enjoy benefits like enhanced efficiency, improved client service and/or firm(s) growth.

A LawWagon subscription includes access to the following legal research and practice management tools and/or features:

  • - Comprehensive legal re-search
  • - iSEARCH
  • - Case summaries
  • - Live alerts for your ongoing cases and instant appeal alerts
  • - Practice Management: Workflow automation for legal professionals

To learn more, you can request a demo with our team.

All LawWagon servers are hosted via a third-party service provider(s) - Amazon Web Services and/or Google Cloud Platform. Data stored on Amazon & Google is secured with multiple data backups. This means that your data is safe and will never be lost. To read more about the security and privacy of your data, and how it is being stored by our service provider(s), please click here & here.

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